Schools may choose to describe up to two additional pieces of information about how their school is supporting students. These self-reported indicators are not factored into school accountability calculations but provide the opportunity for schools to highlight successful programs or practices in addition to the indicators included in school accountability.


Equity through English Language Development

More than half (55%) of our Liberty students are English Language Learners (ELLs). Students’ language development level is identified and time is dedicated each day to target language learning through speaking, listening, reading, and writing instruction by English as a Second Language-certified teachers. 43% of our ELLs showed a developmentally expected positive increase from the previous year.


Supporting students to learn and feel welcome!

Our 2019 Stake Holder Input Survey indicates that students know their teacher cares about them, helps them, and shows respect for all students in their class no matter who they are. Our school averaged a 3.76 out of 4 on the end of year survey. We scored above the district average and this reinforces the support our amazing teachers provide students each day and every day.