Schools may choose to describe up to two additional pieces of information about how their school is supporting students. These self-reported indicators are not factored into school accountability calculations but provide the opportunity for schools to highlight successful programs or practices in addition to the indicators included in school accountability.


Hands-on Science

Indian Hills Elementary enhances science education by providing monthly hands-on science lab experiences. By the end of the year, kindergarten through 2nd grade attends at least 10 sessions of Hands-on Science lab time while 3rd through 6th attends at least 11 sessions. The Hands-on Science teacher collaborates with grade level teams once a month to help prepare and guide the implementation of the new SEEd -NGSS-like standards as well as lead the science fair including the electronic portion. Buses for science field trips or extra hands-on science supplies will supplement the experiences and supplies. We met our goal of at least a 5 % increase in End of Level proficiency scores.


BTSG Visual Art

All students receive weekly art lessons which are integrated with the Utah state core for language arts, science and social studies.