Schools may choose to describe up to two additional pieces of information about how their school is supporting students. These self-reported indicators are not factored into school accountability calculations but provide the opportunity for schools to highlight successful programs or practices in addition to the indicators included in school accountability.


Multi-lingual learners become fluent in English

Highland Park focused on providing our multi-lingual learners strong Tier 1 instruction and supports to increase their access to the curriculum and become fluent in English. Our teachers committed to using the ELL Wonders materials to support learners. We encouraged the use of Lexia with our students and families to increase reading skills and proficiency. Upon receiving our WIDA results, we developed writing rubrics aligned to the WIDA standards and are implementing them this year to increase writing proficiency. We have hired a teacher to work with our multi-lingual learners, specifically with speaking and writing. The impact of these efforts was demonstrated in the WIDA results we received: Listening: 2019 7 students scored proficient 2020 11 students scored proficient Reading: 2019 2 students scored proficient 2020 10 students scored proficient Speaking: 2019 0 students scored proficient 2020 3 students scored proficient Writing: 2019 0 students scored proficient 2020 0 students scored proficient Writing: 2019 1 student approaching proficient 2020 4 students approaching proficient 2019: 1/9 students tested fluent 2020: 3/13 students tested fluent 5/9 students had a composite score of at least 4 or higher, with 1 being considered fluent. 10/13 students have a composite score of at least 4 or higher, with 2 being considered fluent


Targeted PLC's and Social Emotional Learning

This year, Highland Park implemented a cross-grade level PLC once a month (K-3) and (4-6) to focus on planning for targeted interventions for our lowest quartile students. While the teachers were working in the PLC, the counselor and principal conducted an assembly for students focused on Social Emotional Learning tied to our school motto O.N.E. HP which stands for "Open to All, Not Alone, and Encourage Others". These two actions were tied to our Student Success Plan and the Board goals. Our cross-grade level PLCs were effective in targeting our lowest quartile students and provided teachers with the opportunity to collaborate with instructional coaches and resource teachers to plan targeted, research-based interventions for students. As a result of this work, 72% of our school’s lowest quartile achieved typical or above typical growth by the middle of the year. 79% of K-3 students and 61% of 4-6 students in the lowest quartile made expected or above expected growth in reading. We held 6 assemblies focused on being open to all and inclusive, utilizing welcoming routines and greeting one another, identifying emotions and coping with them, being inclusive and empathizing with peers who have limitations, respecting and valuing similarities and differences, and utilizing effective problem-solving. The assemblies were well received by students and helped create a more inclusive learning environment.