Schools may choose to describe up to two additional pieces of information about how their school is supporting students. These self-reported indicators are not factored into school accountability calculations but provide the opportunity for schools to highlight successful programs or practices in addition to the indicators included in school accountability.

Indicator 1

Domain: "Student Factors"

Title: " Test Performance Data"

Description: The Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering and Science (NUAMES) has performed extraordinarily well in the SAGE testing in both Proficiency and Growth of our students. Our Mathematic proficiency scores have increased by 24% in the past four years (76% to 90%). Last year NUAMES proficiency score increased at least 5% in all tested areas (ELA +5%, Math +6% and Science +5%). These SAGE scores were an average of 36% points above the State proficiency averages. Along with the amazing proficiency increase, our SAGE Median Growth Percentiles (MGP''s) are the highest in the State with an average of 82.5 MGP in the six areas that were tested. These growth scores are even more impressive when considering the high proficiency scores of the school. NUAMES has also raised the average ACT score for students to 24.9. This is up .3% from last year and an increase of almost a full point in the past two years. NUAMES continues to see impressive scores in our subgroup populations. Our Hispanic population scored 45% points above the State (24.4%) average proficiency rate compared to the NUAMES average proficiency rate of (69.3%). While our Economically Disadvantaged population scored an average of 43% points above the State average. NUAMES average proficiency rate is (72.7%) compared to the State average proficiency rate of (30.8%).

Indicator 2

Domain: "Instructional Factors"

Title: "College and Career Readiness"

Description: The Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering and Science (NUAMES), does an exceptional job at preparing students for college and career readiness. NUAMES students have the opportunity to attend high school on one of Weber State University''s campuses. Each year over half of NUAMES seniors receive their Associates Degrees from Weber State University a month prior from receiving their high school diploma. 98% of NUAMES earn some form of college credit while at NUAMES. Additionally, NUAMES has an average school ACT score of 24.9 (state average 20.4). The percentage of NUAMES student who met college readiness benchmarks during the 2018 school year are as follows: English 86% (state 58%), mathematics 74% (State 36%), reading 72% (State 43%), science 62% (state 34%). NUAMES has an emphasis on math, engineering and science, is a platinum designated STEM school, has received a Best of State award and has earned Charter School of the Year multiple times from different Charter School associations. Out of the graduating class of 259, NUAMES students earned $5.1 million dollars with 84% of our senior students being awarded some level of scholarship. For the past two years NUAMES has an average 99.8% graduation rate.