Schools may choose to describe up to two additional pieces of information about how their school is supporting students. These self-reported indicators are not factored into school accountability calculations but provide the opportunity for schools to highlight successful programs or practices in addition to the indicators included in school accountability.


STEM and 21st Century Skills as a Priority

Riverside Elementary has a high technology to student ratio. All classrooms have lap tops for student use. In addition, Kindergarten has a classroom set of IPads, 1st grade has 2 classroom sets of IPads , 2nd grade has 2 classroom sets of IPads and 1 classroom set of MacAirs. Grades 3-6 have a 1:1 ratio in all English classes. These are upgraded regularly. With our focus on STEM, all of our students participate in a STEM class each week. We have a certified teacher work with students who need enrichment in an additional advanced STEM class each week. This focus has helped our students feel competent and confident with technology. Our STEM approach helps students think and problem solve in positive ways. We are seeing steady growth in our students academically as well as in their problem solving abilities.


A Focus on Impact Team with Success Criteria

Riverside Elementary PLC teams worked with a national consultant who specializes in Impact Teaming. There has been a shift from teacher instruction to student learning. The outcome is clear success criteria. This has enabled teachers to narrow Utah Core Standards to specific skills with explicit mastery expectations. Students, teachers, and parents have a better understanding of what specific skills each child needs to develop, where the student currently performs, and what next steps must be taken to ensure mastery of the concept or skill.