Schools may choose to describe up to two additional pieces of information about how their school is supporting students. These self-reported indicators are not factored into school accountability calculations but provide the opportunity for schools to highlight successful programs or practices in addition to the indicators included in school accountability.


Student Growth Trackers

As part of our Standards Based Learning environment, during the 2019-20 school year, all students completed growth trackers quarterly. This reflective process included student goal setting and a conversation between parent and student about growth and progress. Each advisory class spent the first week of the new quarter completing this reflective progress. In addition to the whole-school quarterly growth tracker, various PLCs used unit growth trackers for students to monitor their own growth and learning. During the 2020-21 school year, our next step is to pilot the personalized learner profile for students and families. This customized portal will function as a data dashboard for students that includes various metrics that illustrate the student’s progress and interests. The student growth trackers will be embedded in the learner profiles allowing students to revisit their goals and progress more often.


Positive Behavior Intervention System

Our first step in our 2019-2020 Positive Behavior Intervention System was to create expectation posters for all common areas within the school. Our school rules, “Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Responsible” were displayed prominently in the cafeteria, hallways, bathrooms, and play areas. Teachers graded students on these characteristics on the quarterly, standards-based report card. Frequent announcements in advisory classes, staff reminders, administrative classroom visits, and teacher-led restorative circles were a part of our school-wide PBIS. This year, we instituted a positive behavior reporting form, and we have publicly recognized 25 students in the first quarter who have been kind, helpful, or reported something noteworthy to an adult. We have been rewarding positive behavior at lunch (picking up trash) with prizes from our “Timmy Store”-over 300 small prizes have been distributed. Next steps (post-COVID) include opening a physical space where students can choose their own rewards when rewarded for their prosocial choices.